The comfort of the creamy curd rice Rolling on the floor , watching TV Using Laika as my squishy pillow Sleeping through life And moving in my own jolly pace
Reminiscing about a happier childhood With the same bunch of friends , Dipping Fries on cheese Unbothered about kilos and hours
Driving on my scooty , Wind washing away my starting jitters , Sitting with my special friend on the cool mud Of  my Bessie beach , And trying to tell him that The Big Things in Life are actually Very Small

The montage that passes through your eyes Before any nerve wracking moment is A Random rhapsody of your lived moments , So live your life friend Like the waves before us Rise and crash and touch some lives ~ Mistakes make great stories Worry only about being true to your self.
He smiled a quiet smile Placed his hands behind my head Leaned forward And shut my mouth in his style

What was I saying again?

13 questions why

Every blogger out there has that one eternal wish – to know that they are not rambling to themselves in this vast internet blog space. Pageviews and likes can only take you so far. It is all about comments and reader’s engagement. If a post elicits someone else to express a counter view it has done its primary job. So today I am going to initiate and partake in a ‘fun’ activity with all you readers. I am putting up 13 questions and my answers for the same. You guys can choose the ones which appeal to you and answer the same. The answers need not be long – let’s have some fun with this!

       1)Coffee or tea?
       The classic way to segregate people. Espresso or earl grey? Filter Kaapi or Chaai? Caffeine fuelled mornings or Tea enabled evenings?  Well my answer is * Drum roll *  Coffee! No surprises there for people who already know me. You can take the girl from kaapi but not kaapi out of the girl ( did I say that saying right? I always mess it up!) But I have recently started obse…


So taking inspiration from the french revolution and recently put on hold farmer protests in Delhi  , I present to you my first for the A to Z challenge "Antoinette". Also submitting it for Poet's United theme News Media which has much maligned this movement.

Atrophy Asinine splendour Avarice which just got grander.
The sound of a million gold coins Tunes you deaf To lesser men and metals
Acrimony and anthrax Poisoned the air outside Air conditioned rooms Chilled you from inside.
Astonishing we find The greed of the rich folks Even our daily fight for food Doesn’t come close..
Running a rigged race You still keep scores Stamping on our shoulders You reach up
Now you eat our cake And sprinkle some bread crumbs From that balcony of yours, When that gets over You wear back your gloves And ask us to eat cake With no reason or rhyme.

Hence now we revolt By sitting in front of (Y)our King’s office Eating rats Drinking urine and Running naked to highlight our plight
Your media brands us as fr…

Plato's Fault

Tick Tock Tock Tick Tick Tock!

Exam in 11 hours , 3 new questions to do and 34 more to revise. They hadn’t slept in 3 days due to the previous 3 back to back exams…..
Crushed Red bull cans and empty mugs which once contained black coffee lay on the hostel corridor along with 4 girls who were splayed across sheetless mattresses dumped onto the corridor from their respective rooms. The corridor overlooked the normally empty grounds of the hostel which was now patrolled by sleepless students scrambling about in despair.

JJ’s eyelids were closing in on her against her will. Not now baby… only 1 more exam then Freedom 4evaaa! Almost echoing the same sentiments, came a voice from the other side of the mattress with a hollow , dreamlike quality “You know what is the true freedom? Sleeping forever…for eternity” The voice belonged to Kalra , she who loved saying crazy things for the sake of drama and she who sometimes was drama itself in a human shape. The third one , ‘Rambo’ had given up on life …


Mirror Mirror! Cry me a river The translucent teardrops Are actually from my forehead Nothing but stinky fruits of my labour.
The beads of perspiration form An amoebic puddle Modern art Won’t sell for a penny today Investment for tomorrow you see.
On it, I see myself of yesterday A cartoon faced kid Who wanted to be a detective , Kaleidoscopic dance Ripples of time, Myself of Today An adultish looking person Staring at pools and puddles Wanting to dream again.

Written for Poet's united Midweek Motif 'Mirror'



Being Wo/man

Reinstating obvious things which are sadly not so obvious to many out there. On this ‘women’s day’ I want to state the following things : -  

1) Feminism is not a bad word. It advocates the equality of all genders.

2) Like Emma Watson said , Gender shouldn’t be two opposing ideals but a wide spectrum accommodating every one.

3) A man is under pressure to be a ‘man’ too. He can’t show emotions , he HAS to provide for the family and  be tough and captain of the ship at all times. No one wants to marry a guy who is not ‘settled’. That’s sexist too.

4) If a woman wants to start a family and settle down instead of being career driven it is fine too. As long as one is doing something of their own will and not because of societal pressure it is absolutely fine. A man being a housemaker is nothing to be ashamed of. I was very surprised when my juniors were literally bullying their friend when she said her dream in life was to get married and have a family. Shaming is Shaming guys!

5) It is not wo…